Channel sales & Distribution

At Paydo, we understand the importance of an effective channel sales and distribution strategy for reaching a wider customer base and maximizing sales opportunities. Our Channel Sales & Distribution Services provide merchants with comprehensive solutions to expand their reach both online and offline, ensuring seamless product distribution and sales.

Online Channel Sales

In the online realm, Paydo collaborates with key partners in our extensive network, including popular online marketplaces and platforms such as noon, Amazon, Trolly, and Flaward. We leverage these partnerships to help merchants list their products, manage product registrations, and ensure seamless order fulfillment through Paydo’s robust infrastructure. Our team works closely with merchants to optimize their online presence, maximize visibility, and drive sales growth. Whether it’s B2B or B2C fulfillment, we handle the logistics to ensure efficient delivery to end customers.

Offline Channel Sales

In addition to online channels, Paydo recognizes the significance of offline distribution for reaching customers through traditional retail channels. We have established a strong network of more than 8,000 mini stores and 1,400 mega stores across Saudi Arabia, catering to the modern trade sector. Through our offline channel sales services, we take care of distribution, product placement, collection, and settlement processes. Our team collaborates with distributors and store owners to ensure smooth inventory management, effective merchandising, and timely replenishment to meet customer demands.
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Seamless Integration with Accounting Module

To provide merchants with a comprehensive view of their business operations, Paydo’s Channel Sales & Distribution Services are tightly integrated with our advanced accounting module within the Paydo Platform. This integration ensures proper reporting and tracking of expenses and sales generated for each marketing campaign. Merchants can effortlessly monitor the financial performance of their channel sales and distribution activities, allowing for accurate analysis and decision-making. Our platform consolidates all financial data, providing real-time insights and simplifying the accounting and reporting processes for enhanced efficiency.

By leveraging Paydo’s Channel Sales & Distribution Services, merchants can tap into the vast potential of both online and offline channels. Our expertise in online marketplace integration, product listing optimization, and offline distribution management helps merchants expand their sales reach, enhance brand visibility, and drive revenue growth. With our comprehensive solutions and integrated accounting module, merchants can streamline their operations, gain better financial control, and make informed business decisions.
Channel Sales And Distribution
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