Published July 3, 2024
Order Management

What is Order Management?

Order Management is the process of tracking and managing client orders from the time they are placed until the much-anticipated fulfillment. It entails all the procedures required to deliver goods to clients safely from a business’s warehouse.

Customers have high expectations for their post-purchase experience including storage, packaging, and shipping dispatching, as well as streamlined return management.

The purpose of the OM process is to streamline the ordering process by implementing automation solutions such as ERP systems, which may be utilized to eliminate mistakes and enhance efficiency.

Important Of Order Management

customer convenience

It’s crucial when dealing with order management in supply chain to consider customer convenience by providing multiple channels, real-time updates, and customer support.

By receiving their purchases promptly and as expected, customers will be very satisfied, loyal, and willing to return for future purchases. 

Reduce Human Errors

The system is dealing with large amounts of data. If these data are scattered across channels, this will lead to a big problem.

The fulfillment processes can reduce human errors, like shipping to a different location and e-commerce security issues.

Control Expenses

By automating order processing chores, streamlining procedures, and anticipating demand, the top OMSs, like Paydo, assist businesses in cutting costs and inefficiencies.

Risk Management

By implementing successful techniques of OMS, businesses may lower their risk of stockouts, overstocking, and spoilage via logistics or warehousing.

Risk identification and mitigation strategies include proactive communication, inventory management, and routine audits.

Streamline cross-channel business

When you get orders from several channels, it’s challenging to keep up with all of the ecommerce key performance indicators (KPIs) without errors.

An OMS system uses a centralized hub containing information about items, shipping, warehousing, and stock levels to enable cross-channel or omni-channel commerce much easier.

Benefits of Effective Order Management

Reducing inventory expenses

The most anticipated benefit of Order management systems is the ability to take control of inventory management to keep inventory costs low.

Multichannel inventory management systems help users to keep their eyes on the purchases, and also provide an automated insights 

Get orders out faster

Automated order fulfillment systems like Paydo remove the need to manually monitor your orders by providing easy tracking for outstanding orders.

Centralized system

By connecting all of the channels and platforms that support your business, you eliminate the need to log into numerous platforms. This leads to more secure and quicker data transfer, which puts your and your customer’s minds at ease. 

Optimized warehousing methods 

Our solution includes advanced warehousing capabilities such as location management, a warehouse capacity map, numerous warehouses, and extensive inventory tracking.

No need for paperwork

Document digitization provides several advantages, including time and space savings, as well as quicker information sharing. Using our OMS over a paper method will also improve security. Physical papers are readily misplaced, difficult to track, and destroyed without employees’ knowledge.

Gives your supply chain more value

The OMS strengthens your relationships by synchronizing products and future stock. As a result your storage costs are also reduced.

It is not necessary to immobilize stock since the supply chain adapts automatically to omnichannel demands and needs.

OMS handles every order automatically

Most orders come in after 10 p.m., when your teams aren’t available to handle them. You can establish distinct orchestration rules for non-working days and/or hours with an OMS. 

In this manner, payments may be handled, labels can be produced, emails confirming the transaction can be issued, and online orders can be automatically assigned to warehouses. 

Your stock stocks are updated in real-time, and order processing speed has been greatly boosted.

Accommodate the growth.

The complex retail market requires your business to employ sophisticated OMSs in order to keep up with its rapid expansion.

Due to its ability to optimize current channels, enhance overall income, and offer new omnichannel services in response to growing client bases, our solution is not only appropriate for huge corporations but also for small and medium-sized businesses.

The Order Management Process

  1. Orders are placed by customers from different locations, and an automated process is triggered to push the information about these purchases from the e-commerce website to the order management service.
  2. The order processing begins once the information is passed to the fulfillment center.
  3. The orders are picked up, in which a warehouse associate gets products from the available inventory and delivers them to a packaging station.
  4. The orders get delivered to the packing area, it’s wrapped in a method that reduces the dimensional weight while providing sufficient protection using the proper dunnage.
  5. After the products get packaged, it’s time for shipping to customers. We rely on large carriers like FedEx, UPS, and DHL, as well as regional carriers.
  6. Finally, the products are handed over to the final customer. This is the decisive time.

How Does Help You with Order Management?

 Order Management

Order Fulfillment & Return Management

Give your purchases no more concern. We offer safe handling, packaging, and delivery procedures for our items.

Last Mile Delivery

We carry products to many nations as well as regional carriers. We deliver devoted customer service by adhering to our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Order Management Company

Optimizing the OMS can be difficult since it encompasses several items, varying volumes, and distinct delivery requirements. As part of our B2B fulfillment services, our OMS offers efficient order processing as well as specialized inventory management. We also give you real-time buy status visibility so you can track your orders without worrying.

Inventory Management

We provide an excellent inventory management solution to assist you in having the appropriate items at the appropriate times in the appropriate quantities. Costs and appropriate inventory management are related since stock outs might result in missed revenue.

Warehousing and Distribution

Warehousing and distribution are concerned with efficiently storing and transporting these items from point A to point B. Together, we ensure that customers receive their orders accurately and on time, which is crucial to keeping them happy and coming back for more. It seems like a beautifully executed ballet, where every step is necessary to create the desired impression.

For additional information about our order management system and other services, please contact us at [email protected] or +965 22207001.

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